Michael Wexler To Host 2014 Prairie State Film Festival!


Michael Wexler is excited about debuting Kevin Banna’s film DON’T CALL ME BABY at this year’s Prairie State Film Festival.  Michael has been acting in Illinois film productions since the early 80′s. He was first seen in the film CLASS, directed by Lewis John Carlino and starring Rob Lowe, Jacqueline Bisset, John Cusack, and Cliff Robertson. It was filmed at Niles Studio, which is now Oprah’s Harpo Studio. Michael followed CLASS with Jack Sell’s film OUTTAKES, starring Forrest Tucker.  Soon after, Michael co-starred with James Denton in the feature film DAPHNIEBIRD. He was also featured in the films FEMALE DOGS, ONE SHOT (director Kenneth C Nilsson), and CONSTRUCTING MULLIGAN’S STEW (cinematographer Pete Biagi)...

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2013 Prairie State Film Festival Award Winners!

movie trophy

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2013 Prairie State Film Festival Award Nominee’s!

2013 Award Nominees

Best Feature

Wingmen Incorporated

Dry Spell

Older Children

Route 30, Too

Best Short

What Do I Say?

Lost Soul

Separate Checks


Best Actor

Dan Berg - Separate Checks

Ken Gayton - Wingmen Incorporated

 Kyle Hoskins - Dry Spell

Andrew Jacob DeHart - Can You Hear Me Now

Best Actress

Deann Baker - What Do I Say?

Suzi Lorraine - Dry Spell

Ayla Brown - SIMULATION 9

Clarisse Behr - Lost Soul

Best Director

Travis Legge - Dry Spell

Dragon Alexander - Lost Soul

Willy Adkins - What Do I Say?

John Putch - Route 30, too

Best Prairie State Film


Lost Soul

What Do I Say?

Wingmen Incorporated

 Directors Choice Award


The Muchachos Frescos

Dry Spell

Ill Will

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Simulation 9 – 2013 Prairie State Film Fest Official Selection!


Set within a bleak future, Alex, female android model 9, is placed into a simulated alternate reality to experience life as a human. There she meets Brett, a human projection, who she begins to develop feelings and attachments for. Torn and haunted with visions of the distant world she came from, Alex begins to learn her true purpose under her creator, Dr. Noah, and discover her placement within humanity

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SHAYNA – World Premier at Prairie State Film Fest!

Poster 1

Ryan (Aaron Veach) is one of the prep kids in school.  This is a story about the beauty he finds in Shayna (Jenna Larson).  To many of the other kids Shayna is very different, but for Ryan she is Shayna.

"Shayna" is scheduled to world premier at the 2013 Prairie State Film Festival.

To Learn More About This Film Visit:



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Myke Wilson Confirmed For Stand Up Comedy Set at 2013 Prairie State!

Myke Wilson 1

Since the age of 4, Myke Wilson has always known he was destined to entertain the world through stand-up comedy. In 8th grade during his “What I Want To Be When I Grow Up” speech, he told the class he wanted to be a stand-up comic; the whole class laughed. He thought to himself, “Damn, am I really that good?” Little did he know they were laughing at him, not with him. Regardless, Myke will welcome any kind of laughter, even if it’s meant for him in a mean, condescending way.

Myke began doing comedy at 22 years of age late last November. He has only played 2 shows at The House Café in DeKalb, IL but if it counts, he has had several dreams that he has sold out shows at Madison Square Gardens and the Chicago Theatre, both places Myke hopes to perform at someday. Myke is still a fresh new face in comedy eager to tell you about his weird observations and his eccentric family. This summer, Myke has plans to travel around the Chicago area with his comedy and is excited to be making a pit-stop to perform at the Laugh or Die Comedy Festival. His mini-tour is called MykeLogic.

Want some MykeLogic everyday? Follow Myke Wilson on Twitter. http://www.twitter.com/MykeWilson

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Model Deloris Confirmed Special Guest at 2013 Prairie State!


Alternative Model & Spook Show Girl Deloris is confirmed to be a special guest at The 2013 Prairie State Film Festival!  Be sure to stop and get an autographed photo as well as a photo with her!  See more of her via her official facebook page!


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Model Dt.Rose Gavin Confirmed Guest at 2013 Prairie State!

DtRoseAlternative Model & Spook Show Girl Dt.Rose Gavin is confirmed to be a special guest at The 2013 Prairie State Film Festival!  Be sure to stop and get an autographed photo as well as a photo with her!  See more of her via her official website (18+)!


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Jayson Bernard Confirmed to do Stand Up Comedy at 2013 Prairie State!

Jayson Bernard

Jayson Bernard has been performing in the Chicago land area now for over a  decade, with film credits such as “The Landlord” by Emil Hyde, D.I.N.K.’s by  Robert Alaniz,” Ill Will” by Terrance A. Jones and coming this year “Im Not in the Crowd” by Umi Vaid, “Delusion” by Larry Cohn AND “You Dont Say” by Robert  Alaniz where he worked along side Seinfeld’s Larry Thomas. Bernard hosted last  years “Prairie State film festival” and performed venues such as “The Laugh or  Die” After hours party @ Chicago own Nite Cap.

You won't want to miss this set, as it will be Jayson's very last stand up performance in Illinois before his upcoming move to LA!  Be sure to join us for last time laughs with Jayson and wish him much success in LA!


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Dry Spell – 2013 Prairie State Official Selection!

Dry Spell

Dry Spell is a feature length romantic comedy about a woman who is going through a divorce and preparing to enter the dating world. One night she discovers that her ability to become aroused has left her. In short, she’s dried up. Believing that this is caused by guilt about moving on before her ex-husband has, she embarks on a quest to get him laid.

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