The 2014 Prairie State Award Winners!

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The 2014 Prairie State Film Festival was a huge success!  We wish to thank everyone who came out to the event and took advantage of the awesome fun that this festival is!  Special thanks to our host Michael Wexler for an outstanding job, thanks to Carl Schurz High School for allowing us to produce our festival there (Go Bulldogs!), thanks to Mark Goles our Tech Manager, our box office / vendor staff and to the Breaking Fate Girls for doing what you do!  And now, we are happy to present the 2014 Prairie State Award Winners!!  Big congrats to all of the winners, nominee’s and official selections.  It was a day full of the best in local entertainment, fun and film! (Oh and Pizza too! – Thanks to Gino’s East!)

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The 2014 Prairie State Film Festival Award Nominees!

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Doctor Spine

Gordon Finn

The White Room

Choose Love


Sunday in the Middle of Nowhere

Doctor Spine

Dorothy Marie and the Unanswered Questions of the Zombie Apocalypse

Mental State


The White Room

The Wrong Man

Gordon Finn

Don’t Call Me Baby


Tom Doherty – The White Room

John Wesley Norton – Doctor Spine

Willy Adkins – Choose Love

Kevin Banna – Don’t Call Me Baby


Brian Kelly – Don’t Call Me Baby

Michael Wexler – Doctor Spine

Willy Adkins – Gordon Finn

Shannon Brown – Windy


Amanda Roeder – Dorothy Marie and the Unanswered Questions of the Zombie Apocalypse

Laura Chernicky – The White Room

Ann Sheehan – Gordon Finn

Gail Hafar – Windy


Kris Desautels – Doctor Spine

Andy Schatner – Gordon Finn

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Windy **WORLD PREMIER** – 2014 Official Selection!


A 30 autistic man with a very unique gift struggles to make his voice heard before a catastrophe makes it too late.

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Contrite **WORLD PREMIER** – 2014 Official Selection!


A man struggling with a devastating loss tries to cope in unconventional ways as he also attempts to save his marriage. 

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Doctor Spine – 2014 Official Selection!


Sometimes the past is best left forgotten. Meet Doctor Spine, a meek chiropractor with a very dark past that comes back to haunt him! Watch as a life spent helping other spirals downward into a miasma of madness! Experience the horror, the exhilaration, the simple joy of seeing a mild mannered health professional go wacko!

Doctor Spine is a Horror/Comedy film styled after the old E.C. Horror Comics that published in the 1940’s and ’50’s. John Wesley Norton, the film’s writer and director has been a comic book fan for as long as he can remember and loves the way stories can be told with composition and strong images. Doctor Spine has been a pet project of his for several years, toiling away in dark spaces creating the look and feel of the film.

The assembled cast understood the kind of film...

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Merchandise – 2014 Official Selection!


A man with a “small project in the basement” makes a late night visit to a hardware store and meets a friendly shop keeper who is full of good advice and points him to the merchandise he needs to get the job done!  A short by John Wesley Norton

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The Mechanic – 2014 Official Selection!


When a self involved couple break down on the highway, they call the one man who can stop their ceaseless bickering permanently!  A short by John Wesley Norton.

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New Mommy – 2014 Official Selection!


A New Mother spends a quiet evening at home. Too quiet. As quiet as the grave.  A short by John Wesley Norton

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The Harmonizers – 2014 Official Selection!


When the Harmonizers get together, all hell breaks loose!  A short by John Wesley Norton

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Balloon Feast – 2014 Official Selection!


From the mind of award winning filmmaker Justin R. Romine and director Willy Adkins comes this short tail of unforeseen circumstance. Tommy’s (Andrew Jacob DeHart) life is forever changed when a mysterious girl (Clarisse Behr) comes into his life. When Tommy reports to the bar for work, he finds an unconscious woman in the parking lot. Determined to help, he brings her into the bar only to find that this mysterious woman is about to bring him into a world of darkness and depravity. Bring your appetite for the Feast and try not to burst the balloon!

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